Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Stop Complaining

To all of those who state that "Obama is not my President" shut up or leave the country. This is the same argument/response given to those who criticized GWB. If it worked for him then it should work for Obama.

Obama is not going to take your guns away.
Obama is not going to take your bibles away.
Obama is not going to take your fatty foods away.

So keep shooting, praying, and gorging like you've been so accustomed to while crying that your "god-given" liberties are eroding faster than Antarctica.

The Jmopper


  1. So keep shooting, praying, and gorging..."

    LOL! Good one J Mopper! These people NEED to feel victimized. So they will continue to blame Mr. Obama and the Libruls for all of their inadequacies.


  2. Wow, I really feel the love!
    Go screw yourself. And YOU leave the country.
    Don't you tell me to leave MY country. And don't tell ME to "shut up" either you idiot! Tell that to your deadbeat liberal friends who don't belong in this one time GREAT country in the first place.
    Tell that to Alex Baldwind and Barbra Streisand who promised to leave but never did.

    You liberal ass holes protest at the drop of a hat, but when a republican does it seems to be a big a problem for you!
    But your libtard dreams of a Socialist America seems to be popping like soap bubbles these days.
    Believe me, I’ll be waiting impatiently to take back this Country in November.

  3. Tha malcontent wrote: "Go screw yourself. And YOU leave the country. Don't you tell me to leave MY country. And don't tell ME to "shut up" either you idiot!"

    Are you kidding me? Based on your childish, doomsday comments here and Pam's blog I'd say you are the idiot, or at least play the idiot part in order to rile up a faux grassroots effort.

    This is not YOUR country any more than it is MY country.

    There is a difference between my general statement to whining bloggers and yours, which is directed solely at me.

    All aboard the Obama train because it's going to a bumpy ride if you're not on it.

  4. I never had the IDIOTIC nerve to tell you or anybody else that it wasn’t your country, or to get out of the Country AS YOU DID!
    Talk about whining bloggers. “ general statement” my ass! That asinine post your wrote was the work of a piss ant. A typical Ass Hole Piss Ant! And “F” you and the Obama train as well! And all the rest of you little pricks that want to tell me to get out of this country!
    Just plant a little cheese, and the all the little shit head rats come running out.

  5. Mal: I thought I told you to leave the country. I can see from your IP address info that you haven't done so yet. Once you settle in to your new pad, albeit in Iraq or Iran, please drop a line. Until then...see ya!

  6. This guy has big ones to come here and tell you what to say or not say on your blog. He uses his blog to write the most outrageous, hateful, lying things about the president and then comes to your blog and tells you what you can or cannot say? He thinks it's about him? Of course he does. It's always about him.

    Hint to JMopper and your new blog: Ignore him, he's a trouble maker and thrives on negative attention. Nothing he writes on his blog is backed up with evidence or facts. It's just raging opinion.

    He craves attention. Don't give it to him, and he'll find someone else to annoy.

  7. I agree with you that he is our President, just as George W. Bush was.

    As for the rest, do you honestly think that Obama would veto it if Congress sent him bills containing silly food taxes, more gun control, or ACLU-approved restrictions on religious freedom? I really doubt he would. Especially given his track record. He said he opposed a healthcare bill that would penalize people for failing to join private insurance plans. Yet, he went and signed such a bill.

  8. More gun control (esp the automatic variety) and taxes on fatty food (that quite surely increases our health care costs in the long run) do not equate to abolishing them, although I do see your point.

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  10. GWB sucked, Obama sucks. Both valid presidents and as for the praying and the gorging about the only thing I pray for these days is for a solid bowel movement.