Thursday, February 11, 2010

John Edwards is a scumbag

...For thousands of Edwards' supporters, former staffers, and donors this is how we heard and digested the truth from John. We were just going about our day. While many of us manage to smile and mutter a "How about those Two Americas" and express our disgust that at least a million plus dollars were used to keep this a secret and tens of millions raised from ordinary people to prop up a lie, trust me when I say that the shame and sorrow runs deep. And not all of us would have done what Andrew Young did. Had John asked, most of us would have told John to go perform an impossible sexual act.

So how did this happen? This is politics -- American politics -- where dysfunction breeds like mold after a rainstorm. Like any story, it was a slow boil: one lie built upon another, another action causing a reaction, fear taking over the impulse to do what is right.

We put politicians where they don't belong -- on a stage and above us. We are starstruck when we should be sober about whether or not they are doing a good job. We demand perfection in their personal lives when all that should matter is if they are obeying the law and maintaining the public trust. We should use this scandal to bring all of our expectations for our leaders back to earth. Stop giving them a stage, confetti, and a theme song, and never forget that the faster they rise, the harder they fall...


Greed and stupidity got the best of him. An apology just wouldn't seem to make much of a difference.


  1. John Edwards is a scumbag?

    Naw, Nancy and Harry along with Eric and the rest of the Dingbats are the scumbags..

  2. There are plenty of dingbats on the rights that I wouldn't label as scumbags but instead hypocrites.

  3. He will always be a scumbag also because of the riches he got telling lies in the courtroom. He successfully sued innocent OB-GYN doctors by fooling juries into thinking that OB-GYN's cause genetic birth defects. He symbolizes the worse of the legal profession.

    As for the sex scandal, it's as not as bad as Clinton's, whioh involved sexually harassing his employees on the job, and acts inside the Oval Office which violated White House ethics rules. And I don't recall that Edwards ever lied in court about his affair like Clinton did. I could be wrong on that, though.

  4. I haven't researched into Edwards's trial history but my belief is that most lawyers are crooks, which is quite ironic since most politicians started their careers as lawyers.

    I think what Edwards did was worse as he "persuaded" his staff member to claim that his staff member had had the affair with the photographer and that the baby was his staff member's.

    I'm not excusing what Clinton did, as his acts were blatantly gruff, but the deceit didn't seem to be as great.